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We help all CDL holders fight their traffic tickets. If your traffic ticket is for a cell phone infraction, visit our new CELL PHONE TICKET site, otherwise click the DISMISS A TICKET button above. We can help you keep points off your driving record without going to traffic school.  We are so confident that your ticket will be dismissed or reduced, that we will offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (subject to Terms and Conditions).

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Sherman Ellison, an attorney who specializes in traffic ticket defense, and who has practiced law for 36 years (achieving over a 95% dismissal rate on traffic tickets) believes:

"If you want to try to get your traffic ticket dismissed - without using an attorney - I believe the practice used by Dismiss your Traffic Ticket, a Service Designed for Commercial Drivers is one of the very best approaches to dismiss your traffic ticket in the state of California".

TicketBust is a life saver for me. Imagine this, my new job of lower pay requires much driving throughout S.F. bay area, not used to some area communities I run through 2 red light camera intersections Hayward and Milbrea within a week from each other, now I owe $466.00 per ticket, that adds up to over $1000 if you include defensive driving school for each and a $57.00 admin. fee which the traffic court quoted to me by phone, but they got both dismissed and the other court has mailed me one bail check and the(hayward) court has mailed me a letter 4 days ago stating, case dismissed bail to be refunded to me withn 60 days... Rene from Northern California.

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"Dear TicketBust,

Charles T.'s Review of: TicketBust
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Ticketbust has helped me get 6 cases dismissed for myself, friends and family - that's 100 percent success rate!!! Steve Miller and his team including Alexis and Kim are always very helpful in communicating steps to be taken to fight a ticket. They always get back with us via email or cell responding to questions we might have. Recently we had a difficult case where we presented a trial by declaration to the court and we were found guilty . Ticket bust suggested we contest the courts decision and apply for a Trial de Novo ( new trial ) We filed the appropriate paperwork with the assistance of Ticketbust and went to court - Again Ticketbust explained all the steps involved , what the court procedures would be , how to dress,speak,present etc - guess what we won - case dismissed!!!- yes it took SEVEN months and I did pay the $450 fine as well as the $249 ticketbust fee but I will get the fine money refunded in 60 days, no traffic school, no points, no insurance hikes - Believe me we have saved a lot more than the fee paid to ticketbust. I will always be a loyal customer of ticketbust because they assist with the step by step court process and help you prepare your paperwork for presentation to the court. Ticketbust are not attorneys and are not representing you, rather they are assisting you to present your own case and suggesting possible reasons why your ticket should be dismissed. They are the experts with handling the court paperwork and court process. If you get a ticket you are already in it for a few hundred dollars - why not fight for a dismissal which is your right! Ticketbust will help you present your case and as in my case over a few years 6 tickets = 6 dismissals = 100% success. Thank You Alexis, Steve and all at Ticketbust